Dear Madam Colleague,
Dear colleague,

As a dental practice specialising in mandibular protrusion splint therapy since about 2007, we only make these splints according to the doctor’s indication. Our task is to check whether the splint, which is medically indicated in principle, can be technically used on your patient and then to fit him with it if necessary.

Therefore, we ideally ask for the following referral text:

“Please request a dental examination of the possibility and, if necessary, the fitting of the above-mentioned patient with an individual and adjustable mandibular protrusion splint”.

Please provide your patient with a documented native measurement (PG, PSG, PAT or similar) and, in the case of PAP intolerance, also proof of this treatment attempt.

We would also be grateful for any further information (e.g. surgery recommended by the ENT).

After the initial consultation, we will send you a first doctor’s letter (by fax) informing you of the current state of affairs and how we have proceeded.

You will receive a second doctor’s letter (fax) after the 1st follow-up appointment after the splint has been fitted. In the case of OSAHS patients, this is combined with a request to the patient to contact you again for a check-up.

It has been our experience that patients are occasionally apprehensive about “leaving” their own dentist for splint therapy. As a specialised practice, we regularly work with patients’ general dentists and inform them of any findings that need to be addressed prior to splint therapy. At SchnarchFrei, we ONLY offer splint therapy. Further, normal treatment will continue to be carried out by the patient’s previous dentist.

Before a splint therapy with us, those with statutory insurance always receive a treatment and cost plan, and those with private insurance on request, so that there is maximum transparency with regard to the costs incurred in advance. Those with statutory health insurance should only bring their insurance card with them to their initial consultation, in addition to the above-mentioned findings.

If you have any questions regarding the therapy with mandibular advancement splints or if you would like to discuss something regarding the treatment of your patients, we are at your disposal in a flexible manner.

With kind regards!

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